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Our Semi-annual Brain Dump & Goal Retreat  
We going to Lake Ozark for a 4-day workshop December 2017  
We are SOLD OUT (took only a few mins)   
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Ever wonder why you find it so hard to unlearn things, turn your dreams into reality and build a successful future full of rewards and wealth? Maybe you have been doing it all wrong.   

See below for quick videos on the Brain Dump Process

At this brain dump retreat, you will reach into your inner mind and heart and ask the big questions "what, how & why" on all levels of your life. The process will ask your brain the questions and you will receive your answers. Be prepared to receive unfiltered answers.  

What is a Brain Dump? A brain dump is a complete transfer of accessible knowledge from your brain to somewhere else such as a journal. Start by asking your brain for answers to things that elude your or how to attain specific things or goals. states that it is the transfer of a large quantity of information from one person to another or to a piece of paper, such as a journal or other medium.  

With life planning in mind, your task is to transfer everything you need to accomplished, your goals, dreams, someday goals, the must do, the “I’ll get around to it”, and even “they want me to do…”. Your goal is to get everything out without bias or organization. Dump it out ALL out without thinking of the importance, priority, urgency, relevance or connection. “Just do it” or better ”just dump it!”  

What may surprise you is what ends up on that paper and what doesn’t end up on that paper.  

Why the Brain Dump?   
The purpose of the Brain Dump Retreat is to get the answer to your goals and life plan by providing a place of solace with a specific plan of action. By asking your brain questions, then delaying the answers until a specific time and date for the purpose of discovering the answer to your questions that will have a profound impact on your life and/or partners.  

You will ask your brain-specific questions about anything you desire about life, love, relationships, physical, financial, spiritual, business, universal or anything imaginable. You will tell your brain to not give you the answer till the specific time when you do your brain dump. If possible and prior to the brain dump, document your questions not just in your mind but also on paper so that you can continue to review and ask the same question; and telling your brain not to give the answer till it is time. Your brain works on the solution continually, even when you are asleep.  

Combine the Brain Dump with asking the right questions, your potential life plan becomes powerful and unstoppable.  

Plus, we spend most of the time relaxing & hanging out with like-minded individuals. It's all about the conversation!   

The Brain Dump Question & Process  

•  Fear Setting  
•  Goal Setting  
•  Insight Circle  
•  Life Map  
•  Power of NO  
•  Mindset Exercises  
•  What Are You Worth  
•  Personality Test  
•  And Much More!  
•  Lots of Relaxation, Conversations & Games  

Agenda: (lots of relaxation, fun conversations and board games)   
Prepping for the Brain Dump process: The delayed process of asking your brain the questions for the most important answer. More to come on Agenda.  

Join us if you want, it would be a great time to do your "Brain Dump" and set your goals as well! The cost of the Retreat is $700 per person with discounts available for coaching students and previous attendees. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided.  

• $700 Per Person for Anyone who hasn't been before   
• $650 Per Person for Renascent Mastermind Coaching Students   
• $600 Per Person for Past Attendees  

Includes: Room, Brain Dump Retreat & Workshop, Food & lots of fun! That cheap for a 4-day retreat! WOW!  

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to join us. I have already booked the luxury home and have additional homes if needed. Also, we need to send you a document to start preparing your brain ahead of time. The sooner the process is started the better.   

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 “You are where you are because of decisions you made 5 years ago.” – Richard Harris  

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