About Ron & Angelina with Renascent Mastermind
re·nas·cent, adjective becoming active or vigorous again. experiencing renewed vigor; being reborn.

Angelina Harris lead a double life until she attended a Tony Robbins event and quit her J.O.B! She was a former Senior Human Resource professional by day and now a full-time real estate investor, real estate broker, property manager, business coach and mentor by night. She started her investing career in 2006 and became an expert with pre-foreclosures, short sales, and property management. She believes in creating systems, policies, and procedures for building E-myth businesses. She is Co-Founder and Managing Broker of Spearhead Realty, www.spearheadrealty.com, an investor friendly real estate brokerage that is shifting the paradigm of the standard real estate brokerage model. She is also a real estate mentor & coach with Renascent Mastermind, www.RenascentMastermind.com.

Ron Harris is on a journey of a renascent entrepreneur constantly reinventing himself, redefining his business and living the “4-Hour Workweek” life. He leads a double life being asleep by day and real estate investor, coach, mentor, and motivational leader by night. He got his start in real estate investing in 2006 after a “mind blown” moment after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and bought his 1st rental right after. He went full-time real estate investing in 2009 and found his ultimate purpose in life in 2012 by coaching and mentoring others. His ultimate goal is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs become millionaires. He gives back to the community with OKC Entrepreneur Group, www.okceg.com, a free resource for entrepreneur’s inspiration and encouragement to take the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. He hosts the free Meetup “Coffee with Real Estate Investors, www.CoffeeWithRealEstateInvestors.com to create great conversations with like-minded real estate investors. He is also a real estate mentor & coach with Renascent Mastermind, www.RenascentMastermind.com.
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